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Land Access Initiative Auction

Continuing the mission of the MeatEater Land Access Initiative to provide more hunting and fishing access for everyone, we’ve chosen our first project and it’s a great one: A 215 acre parcel of land in Kingfield Township, Maine called Shiloh Pond. In order to get our first Land Access project over the finish line, we’re auctioning off some badass stuff, including the boat from Season 1 of the Das Boat series, one of Steve Rinella’s left-handed rifles, and gear from Janis and Cal. The auction ends Sunday, August 16th. Before you participate, please review the Auction Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for everyone who participated in the auction!  If you didn't win, or didn't get a chance to place a bid, you can make a donation directly to the High Peaks Alliance in support of the Shiloh Pond project:

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