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Rock Palooza

Rock Palooza

Erick is a long time podcast listener who was initially inspired to reach out to Spencer Neuharth over their shared love of rocks. He then sent over some finds to our own MeatEater Podcast Producer Corinne once he heard that she wanted to use naturally sourced objects in combination with animal parts in a creative manner. You may have previously seen some of Erick's quartz finds in Corinne's bold and impressive squirrel foot earrings.


  • Collection of various crystal specimens from Connecticut, New York and Kentucky
  • Kentucky Green River Geode, Herkimer Diamond from Herkimer county New York
  • A Connecticut assortment that consists of a “book” of Mica Muscovite with Almondine Garnets, Ron Cari (Car-ee) Quartz/Calcite matrix, Corn Cob Quartz from Diamond Ledge, and various Quartz Scepters from the historic granite quarries of Haddam.