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How to Butcher a Deer Poster

How to Butcher a Deer Poster

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This deer butchering chart combines the MeatEater crew’s decades of collective knowledge about venison butchery into one cool, aesthetic package. The deer processing diagram covers pretty much every edible part of the animal, where those parts sit, and some of our best suggestions for cooking them—as well as many valuable tips and tricks. Hang it in your garage to learn muscle names as you butcher, or in your kitchen to show off your wild game chef pride.

Dimensions: 24x36in 


Customer Reviews

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Brian Weber
Not just another Deer Processing Poster

Ok, I’m a MeatEater convert. And yes, I have many deer processing posters, spiral bound l clear laminate anatomical correct overlays…yeah, yeah, yeah…
This is a tool! It is what it is but it appeal to the biologist and the aspiring new deer hunter - the MeatEater Series doesn’t hurt either…


Simple, clear map of the parts and suggestions of what cuts can be made from each. Exactly what I needed.

Carolyn Snell
Bought as a gift

Husband was very happy with his Christmas gift, and I’m looking forward to using it with him the next time he brings home a deer!

Robert Drake
Pricey but Nice

Poster isn't cheap, but is full of good diagrams and butchering hints. I built a frame and put mine behind plexiglass, and have it hanging in my wood shop for easy reference. I've watched video tutorials that move too fast for a novice, so this poster does definitely assist in matching cuts with properly identified venison portions.

Matthew Moon

How to Butcher a Deer Poster