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Blaze Hunting Vest

Blaze Hunting Vest



The new Orange Aglow Beacon vest has the same lightweight properties as the best-selling Signature Mesh Vest, but now with an ultra bright, solid fabric to fend off brush. The Beacon vest is just 3.3 ounces (Large) and its solid fabric allows for even greater visibility through brush and from miles away in open spaces. 

MeatEater Podcast fans know all about Janis’s Latvian upbringing. He speaks Latvian, he went to Latvian summer camp, and he even has the nickname The Latvian Eagle. In honor of Janis’s Latvian heritage, we like to use the Latvian word for bang or boom whenever we describe the sound of a gun going off. That word, ladies and gentleman, is “Blaukš!”

Comes in Size Small to XXX-Large.