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F*cked-Up Old Deer Stands Calendar

F*cked-Up Old Deer Stands Calendar


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"The first deer stand that I ever used was made from an old 35-mile-per-hour speed limit sign that my dad either stole or salvaged -- I never got the full story. Since then, I always get a kick out of the crazy old deer stands that you run into when wandering around the American landscape. Some are genius, some are ugly, some are downright dangerous. Not long ago, one of our camera guys, Chris Gill, came up with the idea of collecting a bunch of these images for a project that celebrated what he called Fucked Up Old Deer Stands. We received close to 1500 images. The twelve included in this calendar are among our favorites, along with a couple from our beloved Chris Gill. Deck out your home or deer camp -- or hell, even your office -- and ring in a great 2022."

- Steven Rinella