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Turkey Gobble T-Shirt

Turkey Gobble T-Shirt

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Sounds that make a turkey gobble...

Dry heaves, an anchor banging the side of a boat, train whistles, antlers rattling, artillery fire, hucking rocks at a stop sign, loons, the hourly bells of a monastery,  whitetail deer blowing, Canada geese, ambulance siren, the call of a peacock, cars crossing rumble strips, ice cream truck, dog whistle, screech of breaking a lug nut loose when changing a tire, six a.m. shift whistle at a plastics factory, pileated woodpeckers hammering away at a tree, motorcycle, engine of a bass boat, sonic boom from military aircraft, screech of a hawk, passing helicopter, gun shot of a turkey hunter, coyote howls, bray of a jackass, squeaky screen door hinges, cattle guard, elk bugle, kicking a rusty hunk of metal...and the list goes on.