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MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit
MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit
MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit
MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit

MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit


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Based on the best-selling book The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival, by Steven Rinella, we're excited to launch The MeatEater Hunter Series: Acute Trauma Care Kit. We teamed up with the ex-military, survival, and wilderness medicine experts at North American Rescue to create a kit of live-saving gear for severe injuries, gunshot wounds, broken bones, and major blood loss. Packaged in a reusable waterproof and airtight LOKSAK bag, this piece of equipment is designed specifically for backcountry hunters and is ready to go with you anywhere. With this kit, you can be prepared to save a life, maybe even your own.

MeatEater Hunter Series Acute Trauma Care Kit Features

Kit Includes:

  • 1X C-A-T Tourniquet
  • 1X QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing - Z-Fold
  • 2X North American Rescue Wound Packing Gauze - 3" x 5yds
  • 2X Elastic Wrap Bandage - 4" x 5yds
  • 1X Duct-Mini Tape Roll - 2" x 100yds
  • 1X Hyfin Chest Seal Dressing - Compact Twin Pack
  • 1X Trauma Shears - Large
  • 2X Triangular Bandage (Cravat)
  • 1X Universal Malleable Splint
  • 1X Hypothermia Wrap with Orange Signal side - 60" x 96"
  • 1X Aviation Panel Kit
  • 2 Pairs Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves - Large
  • LOKSAK reusable airtight and waterproof bag

How It's Built

  • 12 oz
  • Packaged exclusively for MeatEater by North American Rescue

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel Majerus
been waiting for this kit...thanks meateater for delivering!

Everything I ever wanted in a trauma kit. Would be great if meateater did a video on how to use all items in kit.

Essential piece of Kit

An essential item for the bush and will come in handy if needed when miles from no-where. Thanks MeatEater BZ

High Quality life saving equipment.

Those of you who know about North American Rescue(NAR) Need no introduction. To those of you who don’t NAR is a leader in high quality life saving equipment used by professionals in the field. 200 dollars is not cheap but let’s be clear, this is not a Boo Boo kit. This is a well thought out kit that can absolutely save a life and is made up of quality components that will not fail you when your loved one is bleeding to death. Almost everyone pays more monthly for health Insurance. If the situation rises to where you need this kit and don’t have it. (Or you have a $10 dollar store kit) then the only insurance you’ll be using is life insurance. To the previous reviewer saying Meateater is raping it’s customers. YOU ARE WRONG! You absolutely cannot build a kit like this for 10 dollars. I know because before meat eater offered this I built my own using the same NAR products and I would vacuum seal them myself. They are damn near offering this kit at cost. Buy the kit & Get the training to use it. Your life may very well depend on it one day.


I have been a ICU and trauma RN for 24 years. With a couple of exceptions, this kit is what one would need to maintain life long enough for transport. More absorbent dressings #'s
are imperative. The amount of blood loss is so underestimated in penatrating trauma. Tou need enough to stack them. Pressure stockings to maintain blood pressure are light and useful. Good kit. To the guy who said you can make one for $10? He clearly has absolutely ZERO CLUE. He alone would be fatal on a hunting trip.

George Hutchinson
Trauma Kits Save Lives

This trauma kit has the gear to stop a battlefield bleed out and collapsed lung, Hyfin Chest Seal x2 for entrance and exit wounds. You CANNOT buy or build this kit for $10. The CAT tourniquet alone costs $30, wound stop bleed control and chest seal even more. If you carry something that will poke a hole through you, you need something to fix it. Learn how to use these tools proficiently and keep them close by.