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Matrix M1 Archery Target System
Matrix M1 Archery Target System
Matrix M1 Archery Target System
Matrix M1 Archery Target System

Matrix M1 Archery Target System


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The choice of our very own Janis Putelis and our good buddy Joe Rogan, the Matrix M1 Target System is a revolutionary archery target. The innovative design enables shooters to interchange and replace the seven hexagon and six diamond modules once they are worn out. Made with Matrix Target's signature hybrid polymer material, the target offers superior self-healing characteristics and tear resistance. The uniquely durable foam withstands all types of points and ensures arrows are easy to remove. The target is large enough to shoot at long distances yet light enough for one person to carry. This target is without question the toughest and most versatile target out there. If you're serious about practicing, the Matrix M1 has you covered.

Matrix M1 Archery Target System Features

  • Adjustable size by adding or removing modules
  • To move or replace modules, simply unbuckle and loosen the strap, and rearrange the pieces as desired.
  • Customized MeatEater logo on the strap
  • Made in USA

How It's Built

  • Proprietary hybrid polymer blend for superior durability and tear resistance
  • 2" heavyweight polyester webbing straps and burly quick release buckle
  • 24" tall
  • 14" deep
  • 27 3/4" wide at the widest point
  • Weight 45 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matrix M1

This target seems like it will last 10+ years before having to buy any replacement cells. Really cool that one side has larger white dots and the other side has smaller ones. The stopping power is great from 20 yards so far (less than 6” penetration) and makes a satisfying sound when hitting. Very expensive but I imagine it lasting a very long time.

Kong Xiong
THE best target on the market

Broadheads will still take out chunks of the target (obviously you cant stop that but this target is better than all others in this regard) In terms of durability and arrow stopping ability. Its fantastic. pretty heavy though but that has it advantages as well. buy once cry once. Kevin (the owner) is amazing as well. He reached out to me when i wanted to switch my order. Highly Highly recommend.

Awesome target!

I have had my M1 for 5 years, and have not had to replace a hex yet. I always shoot the center, except when shooting broadheads as that gets expensive quick. I spread my broadhead shots around the target without worry of cutting vanes. This target just keeps taking the arrows and shows little sign of wear. I do keep it indoors during the winter, but the rest of the year it stays outside in the elements and it still looks good. The Matrix company is a pleasure to do business with. Get one!!!

Best target

Undeniably the toughest target on the market. I have left my target outside in the wind, sun, snow, and rain. I have shot thousands of arrows into it...including broadheads. This target just keeps taking abuse...I even drove over it with my 3/4 ton diesel truck and parked it on top of the target with no damage done to it. I don't know why every single archer on this planet wouldn't have one. They are the best target hands down.

You need this

Hands down the best target I’ve ever shot into! Used to go through 1-2 blocks a year, I’ve had my M1 for almost 3 years and I still haven’t used any new modules (which I got b/c I was thinking I’d at least have to change one of those out a year). You can do the math yourself but its well worth it, very highly recommended!